reTHINK© ESO Professional Development
Mission Statement: The mission of reTHINK© is to support those who build
equitable and conscious entrepreneurial ecosystem organizations.

Objective: Through structured and synergistic environments, ESO leaders are
challenged and empowered to lead sustainable entrepreneurial communities.

The reTHINK© Model: Learning is delivered in a synchronous learning style
combining in person and hybrid sessions facilitated by ESO leadership experts.
Participants attend a total of four (4) learning modules centered around ESO
foundational skills in the book “Everyone Can’t Be the Sun” by Kira Cheree’ Cobb.
Each session is four hours long, once monthly.


In addition to each learning module, ESO leaders receive an additional 1.5 hours of
individual consulting with our leadership team. Divided into two 90minute sessions
at the beginning and ending of the cohort, the leader will develop and check their
own S.M.A.R.T. Goals for their journey.

In the second 12-week cycle, entrepreneurs with the help of our technical assistants prepare for capital access, assessments and application process, assistance to apply, pitch and compete for funding.

The third 12-week cycle consists of the entrepreneur receiving technical assistance to implement acquired funding properly once received by establishing back office support practices, repayment tracking.

Cohort Dates
Cohort Dates: March 28, April 24, May 29, June 26, 2024
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